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100G Optics

The use of 100G optics in telco, as well as datacenter applications, is rapidly growing due to the need to efficiently send and receive mass amounts of data in 5G Wireless, Wireline, Cable and Datacenter networks.

We offer QSFP28, CFP, CFP2, and CFP4 form factors supporting Ethernet / OTU4 applications and We also offer modules with the latest PAM4 and Coherent DWDM technologies enabling greater total bandwidth and longer distances.

Our fastest-selling and most requested products are the QSFP28-LR4 and QSFP28-ER4L, 10Km and 40Km models.

New to the 100G portfolio is the QSFP28-ZR4, which has 80Km distance rating and CFP2- DCO coherent modules, both applicable for longer distance metro applications.

Don’t forget the legacy CFPx optics as resurgence demand grows due to the longer distance and higher capacity applications and availability of used equipment supporting these form factors.

Hottest Selling 100G Optics

10Km QSFP28-LR4

40Km QSFP28-ER4L

Recently Released 100G Optics

80Km QSFP28-ZR4

CFP2 DCO Coherent


The 2020 global PON market is estimated at over $10B and is projected to reach over $25B by 2026.

High demand for PON networks for video streaming traffic, increasing demand for high-speed broadband services, the rising demand for scalable mobile backhaul systems, and overall demand for bandwidth intensive applications are factors driving the growth of the PON industry.

To support this demand, operators are maximizing the existing 2.5G GPON networks and adding 10G symmetrical XGS-PON (ITU-T G.9807.1), 10G-EPON (IEEE 802.3av) and NG-PON2 (ITU-T G.989) deployments.

Network Distributor’s third party GPON, 10G-EPON and XGS-PON OLT and ONU optics support brands including Calix, ADTRAN, Nokia, Huawei and more. They are the proven third-party solutions you need to upgrade your network’s passive distribution capabilities!

Network Distributor has the right parts that fit your current or new network configuration. GPON, 10G-EPON and XGS-PON optics are in stock with a budget friendly price point, at a fraction of OEM’s, without sacrificing quality or features.