WDM and Optical Transport Equipment

Market Drivers

The demand for multi-gigabit bandwidth links has exploded across the network, driven by high-definition video, 5G deployment and the extraordinary shift to remote work and education in response to the global pandemic. The greatest challenge is at the network edge where massive amounts of content, some with low latency application requirements, must reach a wide set of consumer and business subscribers.

Fortunately, open optical networking technologies have been developed and tested by major service providers and are ready for deployment. New WDM pluggable transceivers based on coherent and PAM4 technologies allow an easy upgrade path for access network links while leveraging previous generation investments.

Source: Equinix

A Pragmatic Approach to Meeting Demand

Rapidly expanding access bandwidth, while also preparing for the next set of future growth requirements, means blending old and new technologies. There is simply no time or budget for forklift upgrades. This can be done by leveraging state-of-art-technologies develop for the core network, and for hyperscale datacenter interconnect.

Because these technologies are founded on open optical networking principles, they can be repackaged to into smaller and much lower cost solutions that fit the access networks higher bandwidth needs. And critically, these technologies can be directly inserted into existing multi-vendor networks, leveraging past infrastructure investments and avoiding the time delays and high expenses of upgrading monolithic systems.

Open optical networking adds an extra degree of freedom for network specific upgrade projects. Your network can be upgraded for your subscriber’s needs for your business model and plans.

Network Distributors’

Open Networking Solutions Approach

We have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers of ODM transponders and optical line systems supporting optical technologies like DWDM, CWDM, PON, packet optical solutions and specialized transceiver suppliers to provide complete bandwidth upgrade solutions.

Our solutions are cost and size optimized versions of systems that have already been deployed by leading service providers. ND is also making available coherent, PAM4 and 100G-ZR transceiver technologies which are at the industry forefront, available for deployment at the same time as hyper-scaler datacenters and major telco upgrade projects.

ND’s focus is targeting datacenter interconnect (DCI)/ P2P links, access, metro and regional networks. Our key emphasis is connecting to legacy infrastructure with affordable, pay as you grow solutions.

Network Distributors Product Portfolio

Optical Transceivers


PAM4/Coherent Line Systems

Passive Products & Components

The traditional approach of networks has been to segregate it into layers as shown in Figure 1. Due to this separation, the logical network is not optimized to efficiently leverage the underlying physical network.

This compounds the problem related to operation & maintenance. By collapsing the layers in the new architecture as shown in Figure 2, it alleviates such problems and brings in added efficiencies.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Network Distributors Differentiators

As an open optics specialist with two decades of experience providing compatible multi-vendor network components, ND has the expertise to deliver state-of-the-art optics to individual customers’ specific bandwidth upgrade needs. We offer:

Comprehensive optical layer portfolio delivering solutions that can be tailored from a simple upgrade to an existing 1/10G link to a new terabit DCI link.

Both, off-the-shelf components & customized solutions options are available to satisfy individual network architecture, design & operation requirements.

Individualized open networking solution quotations with a fast turnaround time and deployment timeframes equal to or faster than traditional NEM’s.

Designed & developed based on the principles of SDN, openness, automation and disaggregation by world’s leading optical systems ODM’s

Available as open networking solutions that can be inserted into existing name brand NEM based networks.

Post-sales support options tailored to match individualized solutions and customer’s specific needs.

Pre-Sales solution development, RFx support, sharing technology options.

Service options: lab interop testing, configuration, system integration, rack-stack-ship.

Focus of synergy: trusted technical support & system integration.

Network Distributors and its industry partners are uniquely equipped to satisfy your optical network’s bandwidth growth needs while also reducing the required Capex & Opex compared to branded NEM products.